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Barcelona, Bubbles V151-2500Barcelona, Lawnmower Tour151-2509Barcelona, Alley V151-2511Barcelona, Merce Church, Int151-2530Barcelona, Merce Church, Dome, Detail151-2541Barcelona, Cable Car Tower V151-2551Barcelona, f Columbus Column151-2367Barcelona, f Columbus Column151-2370Barcelona, Coast Guard Ship and Drill151-2379Barcelona, Pl Catalunya, Woman Photographing Bubbles V151-2400Barcelona, Bubble Fashion V151-2457Barcelona, Bubbles151-2472Barcelona, Columbus Column V151-2344Barcelona, Port151-2552Barcelona, Bullfight Arena, Mall151-2553Barcelona, Bullfight Arena, Mall, Int151-2555Barcelona, Placa de Espanya151-2556Barcelona, Placa de Espanya151-2559Barcelona, Street in Gotic Quarter151-2564Barcelona, Pl Reial V151-2568

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