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Murano is one of the islands of Venice, interesting in its own right for its canals and architecture, but most famous for its glass making.
Venice, Murano, Clock Tower0943462Venice, Murano, Flowers0943465Venice, Murano, Glass Sculpture, Woman V0943506Venice, Murano, Lighthouse V0943460Venice, Murano, Photographer0943490Venice, Murano0943473aVenice, Murano0943481Venice, Murano0943485Venice, Murano, Bridge0943468Venice, Murano, Bldg Statue0943507Venice, Murano, Bldg Statue0943510Venice, Murano, Canals0943479Venice, Murano, Flowers, Lighthouse V0943502Venice, Murano, Flowers0943478Venice, Murano, Glass Sculpture V0943511Venice, Murano, Tower V0943495Venice, Murano0943477

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