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Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay140-9107Lake Tahoe, Dock S -2848Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8796Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay Boat170-7109Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay140-9100Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay170-7082Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay170-7104North Lake Tahoe180-9907Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8790Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8793Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8795Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8797Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8800Lake Tahoe, CA East Shore170-8802Lake Tahoe, Cascade over Emerald Bay170-7091Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay V170-7075Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay V170-7085Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay140-9099Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay140-9105Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay140-9109

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