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Perast is a beautiful town located on the narrowest section of Kotor Bay, and has two small islands with interesting chapels.
Perast S -9614Perast S -9615Perast S -9616Perast, f Gospa Islet1022712Perast V1022655Perast, Bell Tower V1022733Perast, f Gospa Islet1022681Perast, f Gospa Islet1022706Perast, Naval Mus, View f Balcony1022759Perast1022715Perast1022739Perast1022771Perast V1022653Perast V1022665Perast, Bell Tower V1022734Perast, Boats1022743Perast, Church Int1022737Perast, f Gospa Islet1022677Perast, Clock1022736Perast, f Gospa Islet1022676

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