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Paparoa National Park is along the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, and is famous for its stacked-pancakes type of rock formation. This park is easily accessible from the roadside.
Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks0810549Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks0812146Paparoa NP, Truman Track, Waterfall V0810655Paparoa NP, Truman Track, Waterfall V0810674Paparoa NP, Truman Track, Waterfall0810645Paparoa NP, Truman Track0810689Paparoa NP, Truman Track V0810634Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Nickau Palms V0810502Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks V0810496Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks V0810501Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks V0810515Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks V0810517Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks V0810533Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks V0812131Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks, Boardwalk V0810512Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks, Cabbage Tree V0812176Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks, Cicada V0810541Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks0810492Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks0810493Paparoa NP, Panakaiki, Rocks0810513

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