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The Plaza de Espana in Maria Louisa Park in Sevilla Spain was built for the Ibero-American exposition of 1929. It is beautiful and commemorates the various parts of Spain and Spanish history.
Sevilla, Plaza de Espana V1034948Sevilla, Plaza de Espana1034931aSevilla, Plaza de Espana1034955aSevilla, Plaza de Espana1034958aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Boy and Puppy1034874aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Bridge Railing1034925aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Couple on Bridge1034961aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles, Artists1034894aSevilla, Plaza de Espana1034949aSevilla, Plaza de Espana V1034858Sevilla, Plaza de Espana V1034937aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Boy and Puppy1034870Sevilla, Plaza de Espana, Bridge Railing V1034929aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Couple on Bridge1034960aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles V1034887aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles V1034915aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles1034853aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles1034854Sevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles1034857aSevilla, Plaza de Espana, Tiles1034867a

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