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Pigeon Point, Lighthouse140-9530Pigeon Point, Lighthouse140-9543Pigeon Point, LighthouseV140-9541Santa Cruz, Lighthouse Point, Steamer Lane, Surfer170-8468Pigeon Point, Lighthouse, Fence140-9555Santa Cruz, Boardwalk140-9509Santa Cruz, Beach and Boardwalk140-9515Port San Luis, Sea Lions130-6521San Luis Obispo, Mission130-6466Morro Bay, Rock0610937Port San Luis, Bay, Boats130-6477Port San Luis, Pelican130-6495Morro Bay, Ship130-6578Morro Bay, Ship, Flag130-6593Morro Bay0610923aMorro Bay0610973aMorro Bay, Gull0610951aMorro Bay0610965aSan Juan Batista SHP, Artist0610739San Juan Batista, Mission, Statue V0610734

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