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Portofino is a beautiful old fishing village. It was taken over by the rich and elite many years ago and now is the kind of place that no real fisherman could ever afford. Building facades are painted, rather than real, but there is no denying the attractiveness of the place. It is located south of Genoa, at the tip of the peninsula that starts with Rapallo and Santa Margherita.
Portofino0944514Portofino0944522Portofino, Castle0944519Portofino0944526Portofino0944631Portofino, Steps V0944637Portofino0944531Portofino, Castle, Boats V0944511Portofino0944504Portofino V0944585aPortofino, Boats0944600Portofino, Boats0944608Portofino0944508Portofino0944557Portofino0944504Portofino0944524Portofino, Bldg Facade1031706aPortofino, Harbor1031710Portofino, Harbor1031724aPortofino, Harbor1031730a

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