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Beals Island, Winter S -4155Sorrento, Pulling Logs S -2951Addison, Pleasant River, Boats S -2929Beals Island, Boat, Shack S -2912Beals Island, Maine S -2834Cherryfield, nr, Fox Pond S -2781Addison, Leaves1053946Milbridge, Lupine131-1813Addison, House131-2236Addison, Outhouse, Stairway to Nowhere1053966Addison, Pleasant R, Ice Fishing Shacks0937066Downeast, Blueberry Bushes, Autumn  FSHarrington Driftwood FSaColumbia Falls, Ruggles House131-1826Bucks Harbor170-8180Bucks Harbor170-8170Columbia Falls, Wild Blueberry Land170-8163Machiasport, Jasper Beach170-8187Roque Bluffs SP, Beach170-8196Gouldsboro, Prospect Harbor Lighthouse 191-3059

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