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Most of these photos are from a recent trip (October, 2011) on the Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire. This is the oldest mountain cog railway in the world, and the second steepest (at a portion of the tracks called Jacob's Ladder). Unfortunately, we did not make it all the way up the mountain, as the winds were about 100 miles per hour and the Wind Chill at the top of the mountain was extremely cold. The summit of Mt Washington is the site of the fastest wind speed ever recorded, at 233mph. High winds like the day we were there are not unusual. On lower parts of the mountain, the weater was quite nice.
Mt Washington Cog Railway FSaMt Washington, Cog Railway S -2782Mt Washington Cog Railway, Distant, Grainy FSaMt Washington, Cog Railway S -2922Mt Washington, Cog Railway S -2891Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1166Mt Washington Cog RR, Water Tank112-1168Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1185Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1201Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1233Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1248Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1259Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1266Bretton Woods, Mt Washington Hotel112-1158Bretton Woods, Mt Washington112-1161Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1162Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1163Mt Washington Cog RR, Water Tank V112-1171Mt Washington Cog RR V112-1174Mt Washington Cog Railway112-1178

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