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These are some miscellaneous images that did not fit in other categories currently on the site. The first few are of the engineering marvel, the Thames River Barrier, designed to protect the London area in the event of a massive flood and tidal surge up the Thames River (I would hate to live just downstream!). The other images are just a few of my slides from when I lived in England that I have had scanned.
Shaftesbury, Gold HillMevagissey, Boats S -2960Thames R, Barrier1049414aDover, Castle131-0877Isle of Wight, Lighthouse150-9039Isle of Wight, Lighthouse150-9044Thames R, Barrier1049417aThames R, Barrier1049422aThames R, Barrier1049423aDover, Castle131-0876Dover, Castle131-0878Corbridge, Manor House131-1590Corbridge, Church131-1591Corbridge, Church131-1593Corbridge, Tower131-1594Corbridge, Path V131-1595Corbridge, Bridge V131-1598Corbridge, Street131-1599Corbridge, Church131-1602Isle of Wight, Lighthouse150-9034

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