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Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska, and the main population center for the interior. It tends to be colder here in the winter and hotter in the summer than other Alaskan cities. It is a great place to view the northern lights (aurora borealis). I have those on a separate page on this site.
Ester, Gold Camp0612160Fairbanks, Alaska Salmon Bake0610972aFairbanks, Athabascan Village, Fish Drying0610892Fairbanks, Athabascan Village, Fish Smoking0610837Fairbanks, Clouds0611939Fairbanks, Creamers Dairy Wildlife Refuge, Rainbow V0610702Fairbanks, Creamers Dairy Wildlife Refuge, Rainbow V0610720aFairbanks, Creamers Dairy Wildlife Refuge, Rainbow0610688bFairbanks, Creamers Dairy Wildlife Refuge, Rainbow0610724aFairbanks, Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge, Field0611829Fairbanks, Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge, Fireweed V0611832Fairbanks, Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge, Sandhill Cranes0611843aFairbanks, Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge, Sandhill Cranes0611850aFairbanks, Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge, Sandhill Cranes0611870aFairbanks, Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge0611916aFairbanks, Creamers Field, Rainbow V0612200aFairbanks, Creamers Field, Rainbow V0612264aFairbanks, Creamers Field, Sandhill Cranes0612312aFairbanks, Discovery Riverboat0610345bFairbanks, Discovery Riverboat0610350

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