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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the largest city in Scandinavia. The City Hall is where the Nobel Prizes are issued each year (except for the peace prize which is issued in Oslo, Norway). The city is build on a series of islands. One of the features is the Vasa Warship, which has its own page on this website.
Stockholm, Gamla Stan V1048819aStockholm, Gamla Stan V1048880Stockholm, Girl in Mothers Arms V1049046aStockholm, Gamla Stan V1048883aStockholm, Gamla Stan V1049016aStockholm, Gamla Stan V1049035aStockholm, Gamla Stan, Couple on Bench1049064aStockholm, Gamla Stan, Statue V1048865aStockholm, Gamla Stan, Statue1049032aStockholm, Gamla Stan1049077aStockholm, Archway, Street V1048800aStockholm, Bikes in Rain1049083Stockholm, Bldgs, Statue V1048941aStockholm, Bldgs, Waterfront1048594aStockholm, Bldgs, Waterfront1048586aStockholm, Bldgs, Waterfront1048618aStockholm, Changing of the Guard V1048848aStockholm, Changing of the Guard1048851Stockholm, Changing of the Guard1048858Stockholm, City Hall1048584a

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