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These are a variety of images from the southwest of France, including some in the area around Bordeaux.
Collioure, Ft St Elme1033429aCollioure, Ovrlk1033423aPort St Louis du Rhone, Boat, Decoration1033065aPort St Louis du Rhone, Boat1033064aCollioure, Countryside1033427aCollioure, Countryside1033431Collioure, Ft St Elme1033432aCollioure, Ovrlk1033425aCollioure, Ovrlk1033425_1Collioure, Ruins1033434aSalses Le Chateau, Castle1033068aSalses Le Chateau, Castle1033069aSW France, Castle Ruins1033071aSW France, Castle Ruins1033204aSW France, Castle Ruins1033208aPort Vendres, Church1033439Port Vendres, Harbor1033435aPort Vendres, Harbor1033440Port Vendres, Harbor1033442aPort Vendres, Lighthouse1033448a

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