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Juneau is the capital of Alaska and the only state capital that cannot be reached by road from any other city. Surrounded by the Juneau Ice Field and the Inside Passage, the city is a combination of a few small communities on a quite narrow strip of land. I have worked in Juneau many times, but most of my images were from the pre-digital era, and have not been scanned yet.
Juneau, Brotherhood ParkJuneau, Wharf Mall bJuneau, Glacier, Aerial ViewJuneau, Downtown020709-4920Juneau, Downtown, V FSJuneau, Eagle Glacier Trail, V FSJuneau, Mendenhall G, Frozen IcebergJuneau, St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Ch, V FSJuneau, Eagle Glacier, Photographer, V FSJuneau, Cruise Ship, Mercury, V030515-9819Juneau, Cruise Ships020709-4942Juneau, Dock030515-9824Juneau, Full Moon030515-9837aJuneau, Library020709-4952Juneau, Mt Roberts Tram020709-4956Juneau, Patsy Ann020709-4930Juneau, S Franklin St030526-1081Juneau, S Franklin St030526-1082Juneau, Tug030526-1084Juneau, Wharf Mall020709-4924

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