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San Marco Square is the heart of Venice, and one of its most iconic sites, in particular the basilica, bell tower, and its frontage on the Grand Canal with all the gondolas.
Venice, San Marco Sq, Gondolas1021831Venice, San Marco Sq, Camponile, View, Bell Clappers V0943296Venice, San Marco Sq, Camponile, View, Chairs0943304aVenice, San Marco Sq, Camponile, View, Gondolas0943319aVenice, San Marco Sq, Camponile, View0943266Venice, San Marco Sq, Construction Worker0943356Venice, San Marco Sq0943814Venice, San Marco Sq1021684Venice, San Marco Sq1021732Venice, San Marco Sq1021869Venice, St Marco Sq1021754Venice, St Marco Sq1021760Venice, San Marco Sq, Gondolas V0943221Venice, San Marco Sq, Gondolas1021826Venice, San Marco Basilica V0943364Venice, San Marco Basilica, Bronze Horses0943376Venice, San Marco Basilica0943368Venice, San Marco Basilica V0943393Venice, San Marco Basilica, Carved Pillar1021818Venice, San Marco Basilica, Dome V1021820

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