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Rockport, Motif No1, 030624-2924Rockport, Bearskin Neck, Kayaks030624-2936aRockport, Boats030624-2904Rockport, Motif No1, 030624-2912aRockport, Motif No1, Traps030624-2930Rockport, Bearskin Neck, Boats030624-2938aRockport, Bearskin Neck, Boats030624-2939aRockport, Bearskin Neck, Boueys, V030624-2925Rockport, Bearskin Neck, Store Window, V030624-2935Rockport, Bearskin Neck, View toward Town, V030624-2941Rockport, Motif No1, 030624-2932Rockport, Motif No1, V030624-2934Rockport, Reflected Sunlight, V030624-2954

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