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Gettysburg was one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, and was a turning point in the war. The battlefield is a monument now, and littered with hundreds or thousands of monuments and memorials.
Gettysburg, Alabama Memorial0615912aGettysburg, Battlefield Countryside0615903Gettysburg, Cannon V0615898aGettysburg, Cannons0615878Gettysburg, Cemetery V0615811Gettysburg, Fence, Girl0615858Gettysburg, House0615909aGettysburg, Little Roundtop, View0615915Gettysburg, Louisiana Monument V0615890Gettysburg, Louisiana Monument0615885aGettysburg, Ltl Round Top, Gen Warren Statue V0615917Gettysburg, Ltl Round Top, Gen Warren Statue V0615919Gettysburg, Maine Monument0615928Gettysburg, Mississippi Monument, Foot V0615895Gettysburg, Mississippi Monument0615893aGettysburg, Monument V0615823Gettysburg, Monument V0615829Gettysburg, Monument V0615832Gettysburg, Monument, Barn0615831Gettysburg, Monument0615824

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