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Cathage is a three thousand year old city that was once the center of the huge Carthaginian Empire, rivaling Rome. It was eventually defeated and taken over by the Romans and it became one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. Today it is just outside of Tunis, Tunisia, and is home to many ruins from its glory days.
Carthage, Byrsa Hill, Capitol1026894Carthage, Byrsa Hill, Church1026889Carthage, Byrsa Hill, View of Tunis, People1026922Carthage, Byrsa Hill, View1026907Carthage, Byrsa Hill1026914Carthage, Museum of Carthage, Sculpture V1026936aCarthage, Museum of Carthage, Mosaic V1026928aCarthage, Punic Port V1026785aCarthage, Roman Baths of Antonius Pius V1026841Carthage, Roman Baths of Antonius Pius V1026853Carthage, Roman Baths of Antonius Pius1026843Carthage, Roman Baths of Antonius Pius1026847aCarthage, Roman Baths of Antonius Pius1026848aCarthage, Roman Baths of Antonius Pius1026860Carthage, Sanctuary of Tophet1026745Carthage, Sanctuary of Tophet1026747Carthage, Bird1026836Carthage, Birds1026825Carthage, Byrsa Hill, Capitol V1026891Carthage, Byrsa Hill, Capitol1026890

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