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Pula lies at the tip of the Istrian Peninsula in northern Croatia. It is famous for some of its Roman ruins, incluing their colosseum.
Pula,  Boats1022328Pula, Amphitheater1022230Pula, Amphitheater1022239Pula, Amphitheater1022242Pula, Cathedral1022307Pula, Sergi Arch1022269Pula, Temple of Augustus1022294Pula, Waterfront1022339Pula, Window V1022292aPula,  Arch1022272aPula,  Wall Sculpture1022271Pula, Amphitheater V1022231Pula, Amphitheater, Basement1022257Pula, Amphitheater, Basement1022258Pula, Amphitheater1022234Pula, Amphitheater1022235Pula, Amphitheater1022244Pula, Amphitheater1022250Pula, Amphitheater1022252Pula, Balcony V1022275

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