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The Denniston Incline was built as a way to get coal that was mined on the Denniston Plateau down to sea level where it could be transported by ship to other locales. The incline was a huge engineering marvel, considered by many to be "the Eight Wonder of the World". Coal would be put in a railway cart to go down the incline and the cable would pull the empty carts back up. Today the area is basically a ghost town.
Denniston Incline V0811281Denniston Incline V0811282Denniston Incline V0811284Denniston Incline, Tower V0811294Denniston Incline, Tower V0811300Denniston Incline, View V0811288Denniston Incline, View0811278Denniston Incline0811260Denniston Incline0811264Denniston Incline0811265Denniston Incline0811266Denniston Incline0811273Denniston Incline0811274Denniston Incline0811275Denniston Incline0811276Denniston Incline0811283Denniston Incline0811289Denniston Incline0811292Denniston Incline0811297

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