Bill Yeaton Travel Photography | San Francisco Peninsula
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These are images from the san Francisco Peninsula, south of the city of San Francisco.
Pescadero, Pigeon Point Lighthouse0730050aHalf Moon Bay, Pier170-5195Half Moon Bay, Beach, Cliffs170-5199Big Basin Redwoods SP V0729816Big Basin Redwoods SP0729867Felton, Felton Covered Bridge0729887aFelton, Felton Covered Bridge V0729891Big Basin Redwoods SP V0729804aBig Basin Redwoods SP V0729871Fremont, Mission San Jose, int0729765Henry Cowell Redwoods SP V0729919Henry Cowell Redwoods SP V0729957Pescadero, Pigeon Point Lighthouse V0730051Pescadero, Pigeon Point Lighthouse V0730063aBig Basin Redwoods SP V0729819Big Basin Redwoods SP V0729839Big Basin Redwoods SP V0729843Big Basin Redwoods SP V0729856Big Basin Redwoods SP0729812Big Basin Redwoods SP0729827

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