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The Dalton Highway, also known as the Haul Road, connects Fairbanks with the north slope. It is a mostly gravel road and has very few amenities along the way. Maintaining this road faces challenges not experienced in much of the rest of the country.
Coldfoot, Cabin0611317Coldfoot, Sign0611318aColdfoot, Trucks0611313aDalton Hwy, Arctic Circle, Sign0611306Dalton Hwy, Atigun Pass V0611457aDalton Hwy, Atigun Pass, Camper0611369Dalton Hwy, Atigun Pass0611458aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range, Galbraith Lk0611446Dalton Hwy, Brooks Range, Pipeline and Rd0611373aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range, Pipeline and Rd0611376aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range, Pipeline and Rd0611379aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range, Pipeline and Rd0611387aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range0611437Dalton Hwy, Brooks Range0611440aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range0611444Dalton Hwy, Brooks Range0611448aDalton Hwy, Brooks Range0611451Dalton Hwy, Brooks Range0611454Dalton Hwy, Car Dirt0611474aDalton Hwy, Clouds0611258a

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