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St Lawrence Island in the middle of the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia, has two native American villages. I was able to visit Gambell, which is basically built up on a rocky spit at one end of the island. Most of the people here depend on subsistence living, including wales and walruses and other native wildlife.
Gambell, ATV020606-0839Gambell, Baby020613-1671Gambell, Infant020606-0968Gambell, Infant020613-1673Gambell, Boat020606-0929Gambell, Boat020606-0931Gambell, Bones020606-0955Gambell, Claw020613-1661Gambell, Hanging Meat020606-0876Gambell, House020606-0920Gambell, Meat020613-1651Gambell, Heads020606-0897Gambell, Whale Bones020606-0957Gambell, Whale020606-0923Gambell, ATVs020606-0890Gambell, Baby020613-1669Gambell, Beach020606-0837Gambell, Beach020606-0840Gambell, Boat, Seams020606-0858Gambell, Boat020606-0872

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