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Mt Major, Lake Winnipesaukee S -2833Kingswood Lake Sunset FSaAlton, Pond, V031009-2299aLk Winnipesauke0947465Merrymeeting Lake, Loons0614351bMt Major, Lk Winnipesaukee0829405Mt Major, Lk Winnipesaukee0829442Weirs Beach, MS Mt Washington0829335Ossipee, Lovell River131-0583Ossipee, Conner Pond131-0573Ossipee, Lovell River V131-0580Alton, Pond031009-2302aCenter Barnstead, Barns031019-3059aCenter Barnstead, Dog031019-3041Center Barnstead, House031019-3089aCenter Barnstead, Pump031019-3056aCenter Barnstead, Trees031019-3094aLk Wentworth0829198aMerrymeeting Lake, Loon191-2813Merrymeeting Lake, Loon191-2814

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