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These are images taken not from small sightseeing planes but from regular commercial aircraft headed to or from Anchorage. I have tried to label the location to the best of my ability, but I think most are pretty accurate.
Glacier Bay, Margerie Glacier0465930Juneau Ice Field, Glacier0469577Juneau Ice Field, Glacier0469583Juneau, Glaciers0465906aChugach SP, Glacial Ponds, Aerial View0577025aJuneau, Mendenhall Glacier0465914aMalaspina Glacier0465962aMalaspina Glacier0465965aMt Fairweather0469600aMt St Elias0469645Mt St Elias0469650South Central Alaska, Glacier0469668aSouth Central Alaska, Glacier0469685Southeast Alaska, Aerial V0573253Southeast Alaska, Aerial0573252aSoutheast Alaska, Aerial0573255aSoutheast Alaska, Aerial0573262aTurnigan Arm0465978aYakitat, Nr, Glaciers0465940

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