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Anchorage is the largest city in Anchorage, and perhaps the easiest place to see a moose. The city itself is a typical American city with spectacular surroundings and a very impressive network of walking, skiing, and cross-country ski trails that extend throughout the city, but never feel like one is in a city at all.
Anchorage, Sunset, Photographer0575187Anchorage, Skyline0573370aAnchorage, Street0573280aAnchorage, 4th Ave Sign V0573933Anchorage, Ponies020712-5076Anchorage, Skyline0573363aAnchorage, Airport020529-9796aAnchorage, Bike Tr0576214Anchorage, Ducks0577041Anchorage, f Bike Tr V0576218Anchorage, Flag, V0573284aAnchorage, Flat Top Mtn Tr0574678aAnchorage, Flat Top Mtn Tr0574693aAnchorage, Flat Top Mtn Tr0574683aAnchorage, Kite, V0573293aAnchorage, Lake Hood0577895aAnchorage, Lk Hood, Floatplane0938107Anchorage, Mirror Lake0577066aAnchorage, Moose V0573965aAnchorage, Moose V0576207a

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