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Hagi is a historic town on the coast of the Sea of Japan with an old town full of interesting old wooden buildings, some old castle ruins, and one of my favorite Japanese temples. It is a refreshing change of pace from the busier cities of Japan.
Hagi, Tokoji Temple0619620Hagi, Tokoji Temple0831930Hagi, Tokoji Temple0832004Hagi, Tokoji Temple0833745Hagi, Tokoji Temple0619584Hagi, Tokoji Temple, Spider V0833767aSOO People, Hagi, Tokoji Temple0833789Hagi, Wedding Couple V0619505Hagi, Kikuya House, Garden0619522Hagi, Tokoji Temple, Spider Webs0831991Hagi, Myojinike Pond, Shrine0833964Hagi, Castle Town, Street, Carriage0833878Hagi, Castle Town, Street, Mirror0833899Hagi, Castle Town, Street0620437Hagi, Castle Town, Street0833874aHagi, Castle Wall0620595aHagi, Secured Hillside V0833917Hagi, Shoin Shrine, Kimonos0620553Hagi, Shoin Shrine, Rope Gate0619640Hagi, Spider V0830153

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