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These images are from a small boat cruise along the Downeast coast from the town of Jonesport to the island of Petit Manan, to see some Atlantic Puffins and three lighthouses as well as some island scenery. The trip is run by Pleasant River Boat Tours, with Captain Paul Ferriero. More information can be obtained at
Jonesport, Harbor131-2245Jonesport, Harbor131-2242Jonesport, Harbor131-2248Nash Island, Lighthouse131-2288Pleasant Bay, Lobsterman V131-2292Petit Manan, Lighthouse131-2305Petit Manan, Lighthouse131-2313Petit Manan, Lighthouse131-2347Petit Manan Island, Puffins131-2316Petit Manan Island, Puffins131-2324Petit Manan Island, Puffins131-2349Petit Manan Island, Birds131-2342Petit Manan Island, Puffin131-2385Petit Manan Island, Puffin131-2386Petit Manan Island, Puffin131-2391Jordans Delight Island, Arch131-2403Gulf of Maine, Boat Trip131-2405Pond Island, Lighthouse131-2411Pond Island, Lighthouse131-2432Jonesport, Harbor131-2473

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