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Scenery and wildlife seen on a boat ride along the Tortuguero Canal, Costa Rica
Tortuguero Canal, Boat1116771aTortuguero Canal, Snake Bird w Fish1116861aTortuguero Canal, Jesus Christ Lizard1116769aTortuguero Canal, Sloth1116899aTortuguero Canal, Egret1116808aTortuguero Canal, Heron116779aTortuguero Canal, Colored Leaves V1116772aTortuguero Canal, Boat1116758aTortuguero Canal, Raptor, Flying1116885aTortuguero Canal, Egret, Flying V1116807aTortuguero Canal, Egret1116801aTortuguero Canal, Bird Flying1116833aTortuguero Canal, Egret1116792aTortuguero Canal, Caiman1116906aTortuguero Canal, Bird1116746aTortuguero Canal, Birds1116829aTortuguero Canal, Bird1116835Tortuguero Canal, Birds1116778aTortuguero Canal, Birds1116831Tortuguero Canal, Boats1116753a

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