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Gudhjem is a small, picturesque fishing village on the north coast of the island of Bornholm in Denmark.
Bornholm, Gudhjem, Courtyard Entry1044709Bornholm, Gudhjem, Courtyard1044716Bornholm, Gudhjem, Courtyard, Pump1044719Bornholm, Gudhjem, Doorway, Flowers1044722Bornholm, Gudhjem, Milk Truck1044682aBornholm, Gudhjem, Street1044732Bornholm, Gudhjem, Windmill1044751aBornholm, Gudhjem1044690aBornholm, Gudhjem, Bldg V1044695aBornholm, Gudhjem, Bldg, Flowers V1044714Bornholm, Gudhjem, Bldg, Flowers1044704aBornholm, Gudhjem, Bldg1044701aBornholm, Gudhjem, Bldg1044721aBornholm, Gudhjem, Boat1044673Bornholm, Gudhjem, Car1044687Bornholm, Gudhjem, Duck Carving1044703Bornholm, Gudhjem, Flowers1044710aBornholm, Gudhjem, Harbor, Boat1044638aBornholm, Gudhjem, Hill, Flag1044741aBornholm, Gudhjem, House V1044730a

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