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Until recently, Macau was an independent city-state nation originally set up by Portugal for trade with China. Near the turn of the millennium it changed hands and is now part of China, though it has retained a certain amount of autonomy, at least temporarily. It now is most famous for its casinos.
Macau, St Pauls Church Ruins120-8897Macau, St Pauls Church Ruins120-8895Macau, St Pauls Church Ruins, Garden120-8910Macau, St Pauls Church Ruins V120-8899Macau, St Pauls Church Ruins V120-8885Macau, Bldg120-8861Macau, Jorge Alvarez Statue V120-8864Macau, Plaza120-8869Macau, Street, Crowd120-8918Macau, Street120-8930Macau, Street120-8925Macau, Performers V120-8872Macau, View f St Pauls Church Ruins V120-8905Macau120-8852Macau120-8854Macau, Grand Lisboa Casino120-8863Macau, Grand Lisboa Casino, Foyer120-8857Macau, Grand Lisboa Casino V120-8866Macau, Lisboa Casino120-8931Macau, Lisboa Casino V120-8933

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