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These images were taken at various times in the foothills of the Sierras, known for their role in the Gold Rush era of the mid 1800's.
Auburn, Gold Panner Statue V0730214Auburn, Gold Panner Statue0730200aAuburn, Gold Panner Statue0730202aAuburn, Old Firehouse V0730222aNevada City141-1437New Melones Reservoir, Wildflowers0729657aCarson Hill, Barn0729691aGrass Valley, Empire Mine SP170-8715Grass Valley, Empire Mine SP170-8711Groveland, Iron Door Saloon170-6181Murphys, Downtown191-0403Murphys, Benched Frogs V191-0399Groveland181-4629Nevada City, Old Fire Station V170-8696Grass Valley, Empire Mine SP170-8703Grass Valley, Empire Mine SP170-8708Downieville141-1476Carson Hill, Horses0729679aColoma, Marshall Gold Discovery SHP, Gold Panners0730120S Yuba River SP, Bridgeport Covered Br141-1456

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