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Eklutna is a small native village just north of Anchorage. It has a small Russian Orthodox church and interesting cemetery with spirt houses, which appear to be like half-way houses for the dead to rest on their way to heaven.
Eklutna, Cemetery0937403Eklutna, Cemetery V0937519Eklutna, Cemetery0573298aEklutna, Cemetery0573300aEklutna, Cemetery0937366Eklutna, Cemetery, Spirit Houses S -2858Eklutna, Cemetery0937383Eklutna, Cemetery0937408Eklutna, Cemetery0937475Eklutna, Church, Icicles V0937552Eklutna, Church0937537Eklutna, Church0937564Eklutna, Russian Ortho Chapel V0581330Eklutna, Spirit Houses0581307aEklutna, Spirit Houses0581320aEklutna, Spirit Houses0581324aEklutna, Cemetery V0937386Eklutna, Cemetery V0937393Eklutna, Cemetery V0937490Eklutna, Cemetery V0937497

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