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The Algarve is the spectacularly beautiful southern coast of Portugal. Much of it is now very developed resorts but there are still a few smaller places available to see.
Algarve, Cape St Vincent, Lighthouse V1035338Algarve, Cape St Vincent, Lighthouse1035374Algarve, Cape St Vincent1035339aAlgarve, Lagos, Church Facade1035489Algarve, Lagos, Grottos1035435Algarve, Lagos, Grottos1035439Algarve, Lagos, Grottos1035471Algarve, Lagos, Grottos1035478aAlgarve, Lagos1035481Algarve, Town, Windmill1035320aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent, Chapel1035332aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent V1035336aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent, Fortress1035323aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent, Lighthouse V1035348Algarve, Cape St Vincent, Lighthouse V1035377aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent, Lighthouse1035352Algarve, Cape St Vincent1035334Algarve, Cape St Vincent1035383aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent1035386aAlgarve, Cape St Vincent1035387a

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