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These are a couple of towns on the Storfjord, near Geirangerfjord. Norddal suffered a tsunami and the cemetery houses the remains of some of the victims.
Norddal, Church Steeple V1042950aNorddal, Church, Altar1042983aNorddal, Church, Int1042979aNorddal, Cemetery, Stuffed Animals V1042975aNorddal, Cemetery, Stuffed Animals1042972aNorddal, Cemetery1042986Norddal, River1042817aNorddal, Sheds V1042966Norddal, Storfjorden V1042960Norddal, Storfjorden1042948aNorddal, Storfjorden1042953aNorddal, Tsunami Memorial V1042990aNorddal1042801Norddal1042811aStorfjorden, f Eisdal V1042796aStorfjorden, f Eisdal V1042807aStorfjorden, f Eisdal V1042808Storfjorden, f Eisdal V1042809aStorfjorden, f Eisdal1042788Norwegian Coast, S of Geirangerfjord1043413a

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