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Xian is justly famous for its army of terracotta warriors, but it is still a very impressive city in its own right.
Xian, TC Warriors, Bldg020417-8550Xian, TC Warriors, Columns020417-8568Xian, TC Warriors020417-8494Xian, TC Warriors020417-8532Xian, Baby Bum020418-8791Xian, Bell Tower f Wall020418-8731aXian, Bell Tower, N020416-8456Xian, Dumplings, Mice020416-8451aXian, Bell020418-8738Xian, Vendor020417-8675Xian, Garbage Bins020417-8658Xian, Vendors020417-8676Xian, Vendors020417-8680Xian, Wall020418-8734Xian, Bldg, N020416-8448Xian, Warrier and Hand020417-8622Xian, Bldg020418-8729Xian, Drum Tower020417-8651Xian, f Wall, Musicians020418-8762Xian, f Wall020418-8768

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