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Cape Town is the beautiful and affluent city near the southern most point in Africa. The city is backed by impressive Table Mountain and surrounded by beautiful beaches populated with surfers and penguins. This bucolic setting belies the racial strife and dirty politics of the past as well as the poverty and double standards that still exist in the country today.
Cape Town, Harbour, Tug Boat120-5852Cape Town, Waterfront, Clocktower V120-5929Cape Town, Silo Tower120-5896Cape Town, Waterfront, Clocktower V120-5903Cape Town, Waterfront, Boats120-5910Cape Town, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront120-5925Cape Town, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront120-5932Cape Town, Waterfront, Carousel120-5931Cape Town, Waterfront, Carousel, Horse120-5936Cape Town, Waterfront, Nobel Prizewinner Park120-6078Cape Town, Waterfront, Nobel Prizewinner Park120-6079Cape Town, Waterfront, Sea Lion120-5949Cape Town, Man and Son on Overpass120-6123Cape Town, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront120-5954Cape Town, Skyline120-5965Cape Town, Skyline120-5966Cape Town, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Ship Figurehead V120-6071Cape Town, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Ferris Wheel120-6076Cape Town, Sixth District120-6117Cape Town, Star Fort120-6120

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