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Essex, White Elephant Shop030624-2819aSalem, Bldg0817214aSalem, Door V0817226Salem, Flowers0817185Salem, House of the 7 Gables, Lilacs V0817205aSalem, House of the 7 Gables, Lilacs0817215aSalem, House of the 7 Gables, Statue0817208aSalem, House of the 7 Gables0817192aSalem, House of the 7 Gables0817201Salem, House0817218Salem, Lobster Traps0817229aSalisbury Beach, Games030624-2960Swampscott, Barber Pole020724-5315Swampscott, Boats020724-5297Swampscott, Boats020724-5299Swampscott, Boats020724-5308Swampscott, Fishermens Bldg020724-5312Swampscott, Flowers020724-5323Swampscott, Flowers020724-5326Swampscott, Gull020724-5305

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