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Chatanika is a small gold-rush community northeast of Fairbanks along the Steese Highway. The Steese Highway has another page of its own on this website.
Chatanika, Lodge, Flags, Eagle V0612148aChatanika, F E Gold Camp V0612083Chatanika, F E Gold Camp, Dog0612096Chatanika, F E Gold Camp, Stove0612099Chatanika, F E Gold Camp0612079Chatanika, F E Gold Camp0612082Chatanika, F E Gold Camp0612085Chatanika, Gold Dredge, Tailings0612916aChatanika, Gold Dredge0612104Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612115Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612117Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612119Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612127Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612919Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612918Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612922Chatanika, Gold Dredge0612926Chatanika, Lodge V0612130Chatanika, Lodge V0612150Chatanika, Lodge V0612154

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