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Miami Beach, Castle021110-9521Miami Beach, Deco, Breakwater Hotel, V021110-9522Miami Beach, Deco, Flag021110-9513Miami Beach, Deco, Towers021110-9507Miami Beach, Deco, V021110-9462Miami Beach, Deco, V021110-9481Miami Beach, Deco, V021110-9485Miami Beach, Deco021110-9456Miami Beach, Deco021110-9463aMiami Beach, Deco021110-9489Miami Beach, Deco021110-9490Miami Beach, Deco021110-9493Miami Beach, Deco021110-9495Miami Beach, Deco021110-9504Miami Beach, Deco021110-9509Miami Beach, Deco021110-9517Miami Beach, Flags021110-9582Miami Beach, Holocaust Mem, CU, V021110-9561Miami Beach, Holocaust Mem, CU021110-9574Miami Beach, Holocaust Mem, Flame021110-9580a

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