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The Stikine River is a glacial fed river near Wrangell that is navigable by jet boats. We weren't able to quite make it to the glacier as there were too many icebergs along the way, but it was a beautiful trip. The river starts well into British Columbia, Canada.
Stikine R, Driftwood V020628-3311Stikine R, Driftwood020628-3306Stikine R, Driftwood020628-3312Stikine R, Hillside020628-3347Stikine R, Ice, V020628-3422Stikine R, Ice020628-3377Stikine R, Ice020628-3428Stikine R, Ice020628-3434Stikine R, Ice020628-3435Stikine R, Ice020628-3455Stikine R, Jet Boat020625-3442Stikine R, Jet Boat020628-3343Stikine R, Jet Boat020628-3385Stikine R, Jet Boat020628-3450Stikine R, Mtn020628-3405Stikine R, Mtns020628-3340Stikine R, Mtns020628-3351Stikine R, Water Huts020628-3361aStikine R, Waterfall020628-3354Stikine R020628-3320

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