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Palmer is famous for its state fair, huge cabbages, and old barns.
Palmer, AK State Fair, Bees0580278aPalmer, AK State Fair, Bull Ride0580296aPalmer, AK State Fair, Veggies V0580271Palmer, Barn V0839774Palmer, Barn0839713Palmer, Barn0839758Palmer, Barn0937658Palmer, Barn0937680Palmer, Matanuska R0573532aPalmer, Moose0573688aPalmer, Moose0573694Palmer, Moose0573705aPalmer, Moose0573706aPalmer, Musk Ox Farm0573578Palmer, Musk Ox Farm0573552aPalmer, Train, Library0937617Palmer, AK State Fair, Fireworks V0580308aPalmer, AK State Fair, Fireworks V0580339aPalmer, AK State Fair, Fireworks0580343Palmer, AK State Fair, Llamas V0580279a

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