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Oporto is the home of port wine, and it is a small city with a lot of character.
Oporto, Douro R1035976aOporto, Bldgs1035869aOporto, Douro R1036050aOporto, Douro R1036062Oporto, Bldgs1035970Oporto, Bldgs1035982aOporto, Bldgs1036036aOporto, Beach, Fortress1035801aOporto, Beach, Fortress V1035806Oporto, Beach, Industrial Area1035803aOporto, Beach, Kids1035811aOporto, Balcony, Statue V1036108aOporto, Bldg, Statue V1036214aOporto, Bldgs V1036087aOporto, Bottled Water Display1036123aOporto, Cable Car V1035923aOporto, Church1035883Oporto, Clerigos Tower, View V1036179aOporto, Clock1035895aOporto, Douro R, Ponte Dom Luis I1035969a

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