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El Kala National Park protects and unusual northern African ecosystem with a lot of wildlife and bird species. It is threatened by a potential new highway that will connect with Tunisia.
El Kala NP, Ant1027406aEl Kala NP, Beach Umbrella1027588aEl Kala NP, Bird1027377aEl Kala NP, Coastline, Tower1027573El Kala NP, Coastline1027577El Kala NP, Coastline1027591El Kala NP, Lake Oubeira1027559aEl Kala NP, Views1027460aEl Kala NP1027346El Kala NP1027360El Kala NP1027442El Kala NP V1027349El Kala NP, Bldg1027416El Kala NP, Bldg1027419El Kala NP, Boat1027337El Kala NP, Boat1027340El Kala NP, Coastline, Tower1027569El Kala NP, Coastline1027575El Kala NP, Coastline1027576El Kala NP, Coastline1027579

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