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I only spent about half a day in Bastad. It seemed like a very pleasant and sports-loving town, with a beautiful garden estate, but it became quite stormy after my ship arrived and the sightseeing became quite limited.
Bastad, Fountain V1044546aBastad, Norrvikens Gardens, Bldg1044590aBastad, Norrvikens Gardens, Flower V1044578aBastad, Norrvikens Gardens1044551aBastad, Norrvikens Gardens1044575aBastad, Norrvikens Gardens1044592aBastad, Sea House, SOO1044531aBastad, Street1044503Bastad, Windows, Flowers1044493aBastad, Windows, Flowers1044495aBastad, Child Playing on Soccer Field V1044526aBastad, Child Playing on Soccer Field V1044527aBastad, Child Playing on Soccer Field V1044525aBastad, Church, Int V1044538aBastad, Church, Int V1044539aBastad, Church, Int V1044541aBastad, Church, Int, Candles V1044536aBastad, Church, Int, Ceiling Art V1044543aBastad, Church, Int, Timer V1044545aBastad, Church, Int, Wall Art1044542a

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