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Mont Saint Michel is an old abbey on a tidal island. It used to be some distance from the mainland reachable only by a causeway that was under water at high tide. Over the years a lot of changes have been made to the landscape and a lot of silting has occcured, so now it is very close to the land and usually well-connected.
Mont St Michel1038094Mont St Michel1038101aMont St Michel, Monastery, Int, Cistern V1038048aMont St Michel, Monastery1038069Mont St Michel1037910aMont St Michel1037952Mont St Michel1038096aMont St Michel V1038003Mont St Michel, Bldg V1038075Mont St Michel, f Bus Window1038098aMont St Michel, f Bus Window1038099aMont St Michel, Gate1037964Mont St Michel, Monastery V1038009Mont St Michel, Monastery, Int V1038022aMont St Michel, Monastery, Int, Cistern V1038044aMont St Michel, Monastery, Int, Statue V1038068Mont St Michel, Monastery, Int1038032Mont St Michel, Monastery, Int1038063aMont St Michel, Monastery, Supply Lift Wheel, Int V1038059aMont St Michel, Monastery, Supply Lift Wheel, Int1038050

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