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Pedra Longa is a beautiful stretch of the coast of Sardinia.
Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028438Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028474Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028448Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028549Sardinia, Pedra Longa, Bldg1028545Sardinia, Pedra Longa1028428bSardinia, Pedra Longa1028500aSardinia, Pedra Longa1028510aSardinia, Pedra Longa V1028425Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028478Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028496Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028509Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028513Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028532Sardinia, Pedra Longa V1028540Sardinia, Pedra Longa, Lizard1028468aSardinia, Pedra Longa1028423Sardinia, Pedra Longa1028430Sardinia, Pedra Longa1028440aSardinia, Pedra Longa1028454

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