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These images are technically of Haiti, but in many respects could not be further away. These are from a resort owned by a cruise ship company. It is a very nice place, but other than being able to purchase some overpriced tourist souvenirs, there is no real connection with the rest of the country.
Labadee, Beach, Cruise Ship S -8249Labadee, Beach, Cruise Ship S -8250Labadee, Beach S -8251Labadee, Coast021112-9599Labadee, Beach, Cruise Ship S -8252Labadee, Bar021112-9613aLabadee, Sailboat, Cruise Ship S -8254Labadee, Voyager of the Seas021112-9622aLabadee, Beach021112-9594Labadee, Beach021112-9629Labadee, Market021112-9621aLabadee, Shore021112-9605Labadee, Voyager of the Sea021112-9638aLabadee, Flower S -8253Labadee, Beach S -8255Labadee, Rocks, Beach S V-8256Labadee, Rocks, Boat S -8257Labadee, Beach, Cruise Ship S -8258Labadee, Boats S -8259Labadee, Beach S -8260

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