Bill Yeaton Travel Photography | Icy Strait and Pt Adolphus
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Icy Strait and Point Adolphus are just outside the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park, at the northern end of the Inside Passage (Glacier Bay National Park is featured in the National Parks of Alaska portion of this website). This area is pretty much guaranteed for seeing whales in the summer.
Alaska Marine Hwy, Icy Strait030527-1477Icy Strait, Whale Back0818821Icy Strait, Whale Blow Hole0818820Icy Strait, Whale Tail0818819Icy Strait, Whale Tail0818822Icy Strait, Whale Tail0818823Icy Strait, Whale Tail0818824Icy Strait, 020707-4655Icy Strait, Whale Breeching020707-4658aIcy Strait, Whale Tail020707-4642aIcy Strait, Whale020707-4640aIcy Strait, Whale020707-4648aIcy Strait, Whales020707-4669aIcy Strait, Whales020707-4689aIcy Strait, 020707-4655Icy Strait, Humpback Whale0820373aIcy Strait, Humpback Whale0820396aIcy Strait, Humpback Whale0820403aIcy Strait, Humpback Whale0820404aIcy Strait, Humpback Whale0820412a

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